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Priya, Oliver, and Andres, a group of three like-minded entrepreneurs, started VAELIOU, a boutique SaaS built on an integrative anthropological approach to work and people, radicalising business priority needs for the best in others’. We want to change how people work as a team together. Asynchronous work is central to our overall strategy, how we met by nature. Priya and Oliver connected at Eerica in 2018, a network organisation in Estonia, joining with Andres shortly thereafter, piecing the puzzle together.

Oliver Gasser
Oliver Gasser
Co-Founder and CTO
Experienced partner with a  long history in development and digitalisation, skilled in modern web technologies, process optimization,  and implemention of strategic software in growing businesses.
Dr. Priya E. Abraham
Dr. Priya E. Abraham
Founder and CEO
Business anthropologist and digital transformation strategist with long-term, truly global experience in organisation development across industries, working with start-ups and established enterprises.
Andres Martin
Andres Martin
Co-Founder and CGO
Digital Marketing specialist, focused on startup growth, product development and value creation for the client, translating data insights into hands-on, actionable steps in a jargon-free, understandable language

Start-ups are nothing new to us, in fact, it is what we know best.

In 2018, Priya launched her own company, Cyberconnecting OÜ, helping B2B leaders stay ahead in the digital race. She also wrote a book, “Cyberconnecting. The Three Lenses of Diversity,” aimed at organisations to build connections across social, cultural, and technological boundaries. In 2019, Oliver started his company moduulo OÜ, a digital tool generating optimal performance for accounting firms through minimising effort. Andres, combining political science and cybersecurity savvy, has led international teams to create success for years through his unique cybercapacity. From different locations around the world, we know the ins and outs to asynchronous work.

Culture Makes It Or Breaks It

Our goal is to help your business thrive. The results include increased growth, the best talent and optimal performance. Imagine a healthy workplace culture and how to get there. We will show you where to start. We can leverage diversity to create meaning central to the heart of your work, by placing emphasis around teams’ individual roles and identities. Your culture becomes your brand, a redefinition of value potential in changing how you relate interpersonally. A strong workplace culture maximises autonomy balanced through sharing goals. True success begins with your team potential. We believe only when people show their best, they can actually really perform and do some really good work. Culture needs to be a bottom up approach, starting with authentic value drives.

Culture Needs A Data-Driven Approach

In the post-digital age, there are challenges everywhere, however, they offer opportunities for change. Volatility reduces growth or improves it. A stable, secure strategy mitigates risks. Start-ups struggle with these challenges and we know this pain very well, which is why we want to help. There is quite some noise around culture these days but we have a very clear, measurable concept of what culture is and how people's identity map actually contributes to the company culture.

We provide tailored, data driven solutions to B2B leaders and teams on a regular basis, a more modern scientific approach to self analysis. You can map out trends on what is important for your team, defining if a team can work together and what problems come out. Each team is different and everyone should feel their ideas are given personal attention.The sum of individual and team identities form company culture, which in turn, informs your brand and how you attract talent and generate leads.

Top talent retention, the central aim and pivot, is built by inclusivity, a problem most companies fail to achieve. Increased growth is highlighted by diversity and the space to be oneself. If there’s no space, there’s no growth. Problems will have solutions. Our statistical reliability helps create solid foundations for leaders to face uncertain prospects. A strong team ensures nothing or no one is left behind. We help you find what is missing through an individual centric approach,the key to full collective potential.

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