Vaeliou Accreditation Programme

Coach Teams From Anywhere In The World

Become a valued member of the Vaeliou expert team and help individuals and teams increase engagement and boost collaboration in hybrid and remote work environments. By becoming accredited for the Vaeliou methodology and process, you have a unique solution at your fingertips, developed in the 21st century for the new way of working.

Vaeliou is the state-of-the-art methodology for remote work. Its foundation is behaviour-centric identity management, not personality. Accredited culture experts can take on project-based consults based on statistically reliable people and culture analytics for Vaeliou clients and yours.

Vaeliou is inclusive

Using quantitative and qualitative data, Vaeliou is inclusive. It helps individuals understand their identity map and its implications for relationship-building efforts in cross-boundary work. As an expert, you receive regularly updated data inputs aimed at three levels: the
personal development processes
cross-boundary team engagement power
company culture outlook for better strategic decisions.

As an accredited Vaeliou expert

you'll gain the knowledge, skills, and tools to help others raise their identity self-awareness and its constructive use for remote relationship-building efforts.
you'll also learn how to use the Vaeliou tool with teams and organisations to boost performance and enhance communication, engagement, and collaboration or in hybrid and remote work settings
it gives you access to the Vaeliou methodology and the portal.

The Accreditation Process

Participants of the Vaeliou Accreditation process receive flexible access to the online Vaeliou Training Centre. Our new immersive certification covers the entire suite of profiles, introduces the Vaeliou platform, and can be completed in two weeks. 

Online certification for Vaeliou includes:
Your personal Vaeliou report and journey
The Vaeliou Catalyst Facilitation Kit
Free setup of your administrator account on the Vaeliou portal, private labelled for your organisation
A total of 18 hours of individual and facilitated learning over max. four weeks
Two 2-hour collaborative (instructor-led webinar) session.  NOTE: Attendance is required at the collaborative session
A final exam, to be completed within 48 hours of the final collaborative session
Continued access to Vaeliou's online training centre
Costing: EUR 2,980.00 plus VAT
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