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Are you looking to increase your chances of making wise investment decisions? In the world of venture capital, identifying exceptional founders and teams is key. Yet, early-stage start-ups often lack data and come with questionable pre-revenue projections. Nonetheless, the human factor is pivotal for their potential success.

"A remarkable 93% of venture capitalists consider the founder and their team highly important.

Startup Wise Guys

Know who you're investing in

Whether you're an Angel investor, the director of an Accelerator programme, or contemplating investments at the Pre-seed, Seed, or Series A stages, our platform is custom-tailored to meet your needs.
Measure motivation, execution, and the potential for global outreach.
Conduct interviews based on concrete data.
Streamline and optimise your selection process.
Execution and Growth
Assess their capacity for global expansion. It's in the execution phase where the magic 
truly unfolds.
Due Diligence
Acquire an in-depth comprehension of the founders, their leadership skills, and their visionary ambitions.
Processes are key. Delve into their track record and collaborative strategies for achieving their objectives.

Why Vaeliou

Vaeliou offers a cutting-edge, data-driven solution designed explicitly for venture capitalists, accelerator programmes, and business angels. Our platform takes a SaaS-style approach and utilises a behaviour-centric identity model, which provides a scientific edge to self-analysis and growth. 

Rooted in Dr. Priya E. Abraham’s research, our platform empowers startup founders to thrive in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

Our solution offers personalised feedback, identifying the strengths and areas for the development of founders. As such, it aligns seamlessly with success-oriented investors. With Vaeliou, you can ensure that your chosen founders soar under your investor wings from the outset. 
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What is Vaeliou?

We are a pioneering investor-founder match-making platform, facilitating the convergence of visionary founders with innovative ideas and their potential financial backers.
Utilising a research-based methodology, Vaeliou unveils the founder's top strengths and areas for development. Key topics explored encompass entrepreneurial mindset, succeeding in global markets, and leading through uncertainty.

The comprehensive report provides nuanced insights about the founder, often overlooked in regular application processes or "gut feeling", and helps identify the founder who best matches your criteria.

How it works

As an investor, your time is valuable. That's why we help you make informed investment decisions by evaluating motivation, execution, and the potential for global impact.
Follow three easy steps:
Invite the founders to complete the questionnaires
Receive the comprehensive report and insights
Use the data-driven insights for the interview and selection


We would be happy to provide you with a personalised pricing quote. Please contact our team for further information.


Purchase one founder report to determine if the candidate is a perfect match.


This option is ideal for business angels with limited founder candidates per month.
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This option is best for accelerators who receive a high volume of startup applications.
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Invest wisely. Invest confidently. Invest for success.

Our innovative solution empowers you to achieve your objectives with unparalleled speed and efficiency. Take advantage of our cutting-edge technology and unlock founders' true potential today.

Increase your Return on Investment (ROI) by making informed decisions.
Reap remarkable returns on your investments beyond recovering your capital.
Seize the opportunity to augment your investment portfolio and make informed choices.
Assess the founder's growth areas and development needs to provide necessary support.

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VAELIOU - boost your performance
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