Why Use Vaeliou?

Unlock True Employee Engagement at Scale

Successful leaders use Vaeliou to keep their teams connected and engaged across boundaries in remote interaction.

Our solution helps you create your performance workplace culture unique to you and your teams. We have a genuine, measurable concept of culture and how people's identity map contributes to your company culture.

Vaeliou is developmental. It helps your people grow and grows with your people and your business. Vaeliou is
data-driven, and

Culture Needs A Data-Driven Approach

We provide tailored, data-driven solutions to B2B leaders and teams in SaaS style, a more modern scientific approach to self-analysis. Each team is unique, and everyone should feel their ideas are given personal attention. People's unique identity complements the team and even fills gaps. You can map out trends on what is essential for your team, defining how teams can best engage and succeed. The sum of individual and team identities form company culture, which in turn informs your brand and how you attract top talent and generate leads.

Our identity is at the heart of effective work-based relationships. People's unique identity complements the team and even fills gaps. Behaviour-centric identity is the 21st-century solution empowering people to bring their whole selves to form a thriving workplace culture.

Research shows that 12 identity elements are the critical success factors for building a thriving company culture. The behaviour-centric identity approach is the foundation of the Vaeliou solution, made available in a practical and measurable SaaS tool that brings the required statistical reliability required in modern Human Resources.


Create A Sense Of Belonging

Receive actionable feedback based on data
Pinpoint challenges, spot key strengths and untapped resources, and leverage meaningful diversity
Receive easy-to-implement workplace culture bytes, facilitate guided learning sessions around the input based on data
Track and measure improvement against implementation practice.
identity map
Do you prefer input and guidance fully tailored to your company and your teams? We have the perfect solution for you.
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Top talent retention, the central aim and pivot, is built by inclusivity. Increased growth is highlighted by diversity and the space to be oneself. Our statistical reliability helps create solid foundations for leaders to face uncertain prospects. We help you find what is missing through an individual-centric approach, the key to full collective potential.


Learn more about the foundation of Vaeliou, the underlying research, and some practical use cases in Priya's book, “Cyberconnecting. The Three Lenses of Diversity,” aimed at organisations to establish meaningful connections across technological, cultural and social boundaries.

Cyberconnecting. The Three Lenses of Diversity
Cyberconnecting bookGet the book
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