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Choose one of our three plans, Starter, Premium, or Platinum.

The Starter plan provides a solid introduction and immediate insights for four of the 12 identity elements. Contact us for team rates.

The Premium plan is a monthly scheme. It gives access to your private Vaeliou portal, where you receive data-based insights and recommendations for individuals and teams. The plan includes bi-weekly culture bytes and guidance for self-facilitated learning. Contact us for team rates.

The Platinum plan includes all of the Premium plan. It also includes additional consulting services, workshops facilitated by experts, and 1:1 mentoring for business leaders, fully tailored to your needs. Contact us for details.

Starter plan

Your company culture development journey starts right here. 
You get
Access to the VAELIOU questionnaire
4-step video programme packed with valuable insights
The VAELIOU self-evaluation form for top-level intelligence.
Your personal VAELIOU Starter Report

EUR 549.00

Premium plan

Build your thriving company culture through your VAELIOU company culture profile. Receive
your Personal Full VAELIOU Report
your unique Company Culture Profile
regular updates to your culture profile (think new hires)
bi-weekly culture bytes to build measurable value
guidance for and feedback on workshop facilitation.

For details

Platinum plan

All of the Premium plan plus
input and guidance fully tailored to your company and your teams
monthly workshops exclusive to your business
additional resources on strategic positioning, ​​recruitment, team engagement and performance
1:1 mentoring for business leaders.

Upon needs 

VAELIOU - boost your performance
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