The Vaeliou Starter Package

Start building great company culture

The Vaeliou Starter Package helps you build a great, inclusive team culture in no time. Lead by example, scale upon initial compelling results.  Harvest immediate benefits by
creating true belonging for people to bring out the very best in themselves and, as such, remain engaged
increasing productivity through better cross-boundary team collaboration
helping establish meaningful business relationships in global markets.

The Starter Package also provides a crucial direction for hiring new talent, reducing costly turnover. It’s an easy way to get to know the Vaeliou approach and helps decide to potentially continue with the Premium or the Platinum plan.

What you get

When your people thrive, your organisation thrives. Discover the drivers behind employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and profitability. The Starter Package features what you need to start the journey:
30-min. team onboarding call
Vaeliou questionnaires for each user
Video learning programme for each user
Personal Vaeliou Starter Reports confidential to each user
One aggregate Vaeliou team report shared with the team
An initial set of insights and recommendations from data
One 45 min. team debrief with Vaeliou accredited facilitator
Founder problems

Exclusive addition

In collaboration with FirmaFitness the Starter Package includes an online Wellbeing session with award-winning personal trainer Susie-Ann.

Special offer

The Starter Package is a one-time payment, no subscription offering, combining selected aspects from the Premium and Platinum plans

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